Political Breakfast

Georgia's former GOP Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan endorses Biden, Marjorie Taylor Greene's tough week in Washington

May 14, 2024

This week on Political Breakfast, we’ve got a full spread of politics. 

Strategists Tharon Johnson and Brian Robinson join host Lisa Rayam and start with the fallout in Washington, after Georgia GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to oust fellow GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson. 

It was quite a sting for Greene when the House swiftly turned down her effort to remove Johnson. Tired of chaos, many fellow Republicans, including Georgia representatives, took aim at Greene. She’s still loved by Donald Trump, but has her star begun to fade?

Plus, former Georgia Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan endorses Joe Biden. The team discusses what that may mean for his political future.

And former Democratic U.S. Rep. John Barrow is using abortion rights to campaign in the race for a seat on Georgia’s Supreme Court. Right or wrong? Brian and Tharon share their thoughts.

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