Savory Stories

Ever wondered where to find the best dumplings in town? Curious about ATL’s obsession with “lemon pepper”? Or interested in the history of Black Grocers in the city?

In each episode of Savory Stories, chef Asata Reid and food historian Akila McConnell take a look at Atlanta’s people, through a featured cuisine and food history. Savory Stories traces Atlanta’s food story from the past to the present, getting to know Atlanta’s culinary creators and demystifying stereotypes about food.

Savory Stories was developed by and first premiered on City Lights with Lois Reitzes.

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About the show

Akila McConnell, a seasoned culinary historian, and the creative mind behind Unexpected Atlanta Tours. With over a decade of exploring Atlanta’s food history, she is the author of the captivating “A Culinary History of Atlanta,” a finalist in the Georgia Author of the Year Awards. 

Chef Asata Reid, a professional chef and advocate for community health, brings her passion for healthy cooking to the forefront through her culinary education service, Life Chef LLC. As the founder and President of Feed the People Co., a non-profit committed to improving food access and equity, Asata’s mission extends beyond the kitchen. 

“The Savory Stories” podcast is not just a journey through food but an exploration of the city’s soul, one delicious episode at a time.