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Building films, fans, and community at Film Pitch ATL

May 24, 2024

Film Pitch ATL is a monthly event where all levels of filmmakers at any point in the creative process can go to pitch their project to a panel of industry experts receiving feedback in real time – in front of a live audience.  There’s also ample opportunity to meet other people working in or exploring the industry. The Boom visited an event earlier this year and talked with attendees, pitchers, and the founder, Caroline King.

Mentioned this episode:

Three Georgia cities are vying to host Sundance Film Festival

Hulu’s “Reasonable Doubt” second season premieres August 22

Production on season three of “P-Valley” is underway

“The Idea of You” is Amazon MGM’s number one romantic comedy debut

This episode of The Boom was produced by Kevin Rinker and Jewel Wicker. Additional production and editing by Scotty Crowe. Original music by Matt Owen.

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