What's Good, Atlanta?

An uplifting look at the best news you may have missed. Each week, comedians Mark Kendall and David Perdue highlight their favorite stories, breaking down what’s really good in Atlanta.

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About the Hosts

About the hosts

David Perdue is an Atlanta comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central, FuseTV, EPIX, & Kevin Hart’s LOL Network. David is also an actor appearing in “Love Is…” on OWN and “Bobcat Goldthwait”s Misfits and Monsters” on truTV.  David co-hosts a sports/comedy podcast called “Forth and Ten” as well as the political/comedy podcast “The Confused Caucus.” In 2022 David was selected as an Arts & Social Justice Fellow at Emory University in addition to a 2022 Climate Comedy Cohort created & directed by Generation180 & the Center for Media & Social Impact’s Good Laugh Initiative. As you can see David is many things but most importantly he is NOT a former US Senator.

Mark Kendall is an award-winning comedian, filmmaker, and educator. Along with his production partner, Bill Worley, he is the co-founder of CoolCoolCool Productions, where they use comedy to encourage civic engagement. Check out his IG @markkendallcomedy