Powder Springs Building Demolition Set To Make Way For Park

The Silver Comet Trail runs from Smyrna to the Georgia/Alabama state line. The city of Powder Springs plans to have a new park along the trail completed by fall 2019.
Credit Wikimedia Commons
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The city of Powder Springs is taking down a building in its town square Tuesday. It’s part of a plan to build a $4.3 million park about an acre in size.

The new park, Town Center Green, would connect to the Silver Comet Trail. Powder Springs’ Economic Director, Stephanie Aylworth, said they hope the green space attracts restaurants and breweries downtown.

“Breweries in downtown are very popular right now,” Aylworth said. “They bring in not just an element of workforce development and industry but they bring in a tourism component as well. So breweries are kind of a hot commodity for any downtown.”

Aylworth said on average, about 300,000 people travel through Powder Springs each year by way of the three-county long trail.

She said the city’s struggled to attract and keep businesses in the downtown area but the park should change that.

“Quite honestly it’s also for the residents,” she said. “We also are using it as a means to attract higher density housing in downtown as well as some anchor businesses.”

The expected opening date for the park is fall 2019. Plans for the green space include an amphitheater stage, splash pad, open lawn and other amenities.