Punk Black To-Go: January’s local music recommendations from Von Phoenix

von phoenix punk black
Von Phoenix of "Punk Black" talks about some of his favorite artists of color. (Photo by Aki Ikejiri)

On Punk Black To-Go, “City Lights” music contributor Von Phoenix brings us highlights from local artists of color performing in various music and art arenas – many of which break stereotypes and expectations. This new monthly review kicked off in December, introducing its illustrious host and the Atlanta-based collective he co-founded. Phoenix’s mission with Punk Black is to create a radically inclusive space for BIPOC artists, musicians, and cosplayers, expanding the vocabulary of what it means to live in the punk world. This month’s edition takes a look at new bands on the Atlanta scene, serving you a selection of today’s can’t-miss radical creators.

This month’s highlights:

The Blood Plums – “Their music is so punk and so driving that it could literally be the soundtrack to anything. Action chase scene: Blood Plums. Party scene: Blood Plums. Saving a country from a racist government scene: Blood Plums.” Selected track “Dirty Cops” offers a winking, audacious takedown of unearned authority over a propulsive rock beat. Find them on Instagram at @the_bloodplums_official

Meet Me at the Altar – “Let me hit you with a few dad vibes and just say, I am so proud of them. They’re one of the bands out there right now, kicking butt and literally taking over the scene,” said Phoenix. Meet Me at the Altar is signed to local label Fueled by Ramen, and their song “Garden” is excerpted for today’s selection. “As someone who grew up in a pop-punk emo era, I love this band. Powerful drops, great vocals, and their energy is literally on fire.” Find them on Instagram at @mmataband

Lesibu Grand – “I had the most difficult time choosing which sample of a song to choose for them, seriously,” said Phoenix. “This band could be recognized as, like, a hit song machine.” According to their official bio, pop-punk, classic rock, hard rock, and even EDM remixes churn out of this music machine, with original songs centering themes of “dreams, hope, and sisterhood,” according to their official bio. Lesibu Grand will perform at Punk Black’s upcoming 2022 SXSW showcase. “I, for one, cannot wait to see them melt hearts, faces, and probably bank accounts,” Phoenix said. Featured song: “I’m Not Sorry.” Find them on Instagram at @lesibugrand

Phoenix’s new segment Punk Black To-Go can be heard monthly on “City Lights,” and more about the Atlanta-based media collective Punk Black can be found at http://punkblack.com.