Record Plug Magazine celebrates two years of highlighting local music

Record Plug Magazine founders Ryan Williams and Kip Thomas. (Courtesy of Ryan Williams)

Record Plug Magazine is a full-color monthly music publication printed on recycled paper that serves the greater Atlanta and Athens areas. The zine is easy to find in local coffee shops and stores, and it’s completely free. 

In our digitally focused world, this magazine is a unique reminder of the type of community publication that’s been missing from our landscape for quite some time.  Each edition is under 30 pages and features a collection of stories and music reviews from various contributors.

Record Plug Magazine is a passion project by co-publishers Ryan Williams and Kip Thomas and this month marks their 2nd anniversary.

In this interview, the two lo-fi media moguls joined “City Lights” senior producer Kim Drobes to share the story of how this retro zine came to be.

More information about Record Plug Magazine is available here.