RedefinED Atlanta Official Discusses Pandemic’s Effect On School Districts, Educational Gaps

Ed Chang, executive director of redefinED atlanta, joins “Closer Look” to discuss how school districts should plan for the fall semester amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and traditional summer learning loss.

Courtesy of redefinED atlanta

The leader of a nonprofit, which is working to ensure that every student in Atlanta receives a high-quality education, says hybrid education is challenging. He’s hopeful that students will return to classrooms for in-person instruction in the fall.

“The silver lining here is that the vaccine is being distributed and folks are eligible who work in education,” said Ed Chang, executive director of redefinED atlanta.

Chang was a guest on Monday’s edition of “Closer Look,” where he talked about how the pandemic caused local school districts to recognize the inequities in education and respond to the immediate needs of students.

“You had districts and teachers and educators who had to really, had to do heroic efforts to remake or reshift the districts over the course of weeks, not years,” explained Chang.

During the conversation, Chang talked with show host Rose Scott about how the ongoing pandemic has amplified educational gaps for students and about a new COVID-19 relief fund established by redefinED atlanta.

Chang also offered solutions that school districts should adhere to if they want to make sure education is equitable for all students.

“Understanding who the individual child is, what they’ve gone through, and build that trusting relationship to then figure out what the supports are,” said Chang.

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