‘Rising Against Asian Hate’ director Titi Yu reflects on making of documentary

A new documentary follows the fight against Asian American hate in the aftermath of Atlanta’s March 2021 mass shooting when eight people were murdered, including six women of Asian descent.

“Rising Against Asian Hate: One Day In March” features AAPI journalists, politicians and other leaders reflecting on the impacts of the tragedy while finding hope in organizing, community awareness and political representation.

On this edition of “Closer Look,” director Titi Yu talks about the making of the documentary ahead of its Monday premiere on PBS and PBS Passport.

“Almost every single senior creative position is of Asian descent and a lot of us are women. So for us, this film really hit very, very close to home. It’s been very, very emotional for a lot of us to have to go through these hours and hours of violence that we’re seeing on the video. And hearing the politicians, the way they talk,” Yu said. “We poured our heart and soul into this story.”