Singer Deb Bowman Makes It To Atlanta To ‘Make It’: An Audio Postcard

Atlanta jazz singer Deb Bowman’s second album, Fast Heart, is dedicated to her sister who died of cancer last year.

Courtesy of Deb Bowman

Singer and songwriter John Mayer calls Atlanta his “musical home”– the place where he “came alive.” The well-known pop singer is one of the more famous examples of musicians, performers and artists of all backgrounds who found their way to the city in pursuit of both a career and a dream.

Today, WABE kicks off an occasional series profiling them with Deb Bowman. She is about to launch her second album this weekend. WABE’s Jim Burress caught up with her at the iconic Colonnade restaurant on Atlanta’s Cheshire Bridge Road.  And in the attached audio postcard, Bowman shares a song and her story of how she made it to Atlanta.

[Click the ‘play’ icon above to hear Bowman’s audio postcard. Randy Elkins accompanied Bowman on keyboard.]

Bowman’s Atlanta release for her second album, “Fast Heart,” is Saturday at 7 p.m. at 800 East Studios in Atlanta (800 East Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30312).

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