Singer/Songwriter Matthew Sweet Discusses His Approach To Writing Melancholy Music

Matthew Sweet's latest album is called "Tomorrow's Daughter."
Matthew Sweet's latest album is called "Tomorrow's Daughter."
Credit Evan Carter / WABE

Singer/songwriter Matthew Sweet returned to “City Lights” ahead of his appearance tonight at City Winery. During his last visit, Matthew discussed his latest album “Tomorrow’s Daughter.” The album is an overflow of songs that he wrote at the same time of his 2017 “Tomorrow Forever.”

“I’ve always really enjoyed melodic music and melancholy kind of stuff. It’s always struck a cord with me. I suffer with bi-polar disorder. I’ve been treated for going on 18 years now, but before that I would get really depressed and be sort of manic. I just had an affinity for melancholy sort of songs. They spoke to me more than just a ‘happy go-lucky’ sort of rock song,” Sweet said.

Along with being on tour for “Tomorrow’s Daughter”, he has also explored some new musical endeavors. Sweet released a special record called “Wicked System of Things” last “Record Store Day,” which is only available on vinyl. The LP was inspired by the band, Cheap Trick.

Matthew Sweet will be performing at the City Winery on Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. (Summer Evans/WABE)

Also, a Matthew Sweet musical called “Girlfriend” is set to premiere at the Diversionary Theatre on Sept. 21. Sweet’s alt-rock 90s album “Girlfriend” is the framework for the musical.

“The musical was written by Todd Almond, who also grew up in a small town in Nebraska. What’s interesting about the musical is that it turns ‘Girlfriend’ on its head because its the story of two young guys who admit that they’re gay through the musical numbers and it shows their romantic relationship,” Sweet said.

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