'Speaking of the Arts': Dawn M. Trimble

Dawn Trimble is an Atlanta-based abstract expressionist watercolor painter. (Courtesy of Dawn Trimble)

Dawn Trimble is an abstract expressionist watercolor painter in Atlanta. The artist originally came to Atlanta for a design job but found herself especially inspired by the city’s visual art culture, recognizable in its many murals.

She prefers the watercolor medium because, in her words, “the effect can be quiet and ethereal with soft layers of color in one moment, and in another moment they can be bold and intense with color, and I love that juxtaposition.”

Trimble’s works have been described as “calming” and “serene.” Coming from an interior design and architecture background, Trimble left the desk job lifestyle and recently began painting full-time. She still incorporates her design training and considers it a primary source of inspiration along with her religious faith.

“I find it inexhaustible, the hope and the beauty that is inherent with my faith, and that provides another level of inspiration,” says Trimble. Trimble described getting her art fix during the pandemic primarily by driving around with her kids and enjoying murals all over Atlanta.

Dawn Trimble’s work is documented on her website, www.dawnmtrimble.com. She also expects to show and offer several original works at Westside Market beginning in mid-June.