'Speaking of Art': Eric Nine

Eric Nine is an Atlanta muralist. (Courtesy of: Eric Nine)

Eric Nine is a muralist in Atlanta whose work focuses on “painting feelings.” He describes his art as storytelling, like “pages in a book.” An Eric Nine series called “Twisted Circus” illustrates a fable of a circus elephant and a ballerina, two opposites who fall in love. Through the tale, Nine explores interpersonal connection across societal barriers and suggests, “No matter how different we are from each other, we can coexist, and we could even fall in love.” A natural artist since early childhood, Eric Nine brings a childlike curiosity and idealism to his artwork, musing, “I find it curious how most people grow out of coloring and drawing as adults.” Born in Brooklyn, Nine moved to Atlanta in 2004 and fully embraced his found home, as he feels it has embraced him and his art. “I love Atlanta; I would bleed for Atlanta,” Nine says. He cites Atlanta’s inclusive art culture, its egalitarian intermixing of fine art spaces and the urban, independent, self-taught artists contributing to the scene. Eric Nine’s murals can be spotted all over Atlanta, and he’s currently displaying paintings at MCD Gallery in Underground Atlanta. His “Twisted Circus” performing arts experience puts on live events and can be followed at @twistedcircusatl on Instagram, while Eric Nine posts under @eric_nine and maintains an official website at www.ericnine.com