'Speaking of Music': Anna Kramer

anna kramer
Singer/songwriter Anna Kramer has been performing in Atlanta for over 15 years. (Photo by Jamie Hopper)

Anna Kramer is an Atlanta musician, guitarist, singer and songwriter. She calls her style “a little bit country and a little bit rock ’n roll.” Music-minded from an early age, Kramer’s ears seized upon the guitar tones of rock icons like Keith Richards and George Harrison while she tackled the instrument as a teen.

Today, she graces several bands with her talent; her own is called Anna Kramer and Easy Now, while she also plays with Shanti Shanti and Nikki and the Phantom Callers. You’d likely catch any of these acts at one of Kramer’s favorite venues — 529, the EARL, and the Star Bar.

“Atlanta has influenced my music just by letting me be who I want to be,” Kramer says.

Anna Kramer and Easy Now have a new record in the works, expected in the fall of 2022, entitled “I’m So Happy You’re Here.” Follow her projects at annakramermusic.com