'Speaking of Music': Brenda Nicole Moorer

Brenda Nicole Moorer is a jazz, soul, and folk singer-songwriter. (Courtesy of Brenda Nicole Moorer)

Brenda Nicole Moorer is an Atlanta singer and songwriter of jazz, soul and folk though she calls her music “more of a feeling than a genre.” 

Singing publicly since the age of 12, she came up in the scene singing in girl groups and providing background vocals for countless Atlanta acts.

“I always like to say the Atlanta music scene has raised me artistically. Atlanta is my music parent, my music home,” Moorer says.

She draws from the human experience’s deepest emotions in her art, summoning desire, heartbreak and love with a rich and weightless voice.

The featured track “Take a Little Trip” is a song written by Stevie Wonder and made famous by Minnie Riperton, one of Moorer’s all-time favorite singers and known for her soaring, scale-breaking high notes.

Another feature, “Find Your Way,” was written by Moorer and pianist Kenny Banks, Jr.

“This song is to remind you that even when you don’t have a plan, there is a plan. The universe will give you what you need, and the universe will listen and respond,” says Moorer.

More of Moorer’s work can be found on her website. She’s also on Instagram at @brendanicolemoorer