'Speaking of Music': Cherry White

Speaking of music: artist Cherry White. An Atlanta musician, singer and composer. (Courtesy of Cherry White)

Cherry White is an Atlanta musician, singer and composer. While releasing music under her solo project and composing for film and TV, White also plays keys and synth bass in local band Wren and the Wravens (led by another recent Speaking of Music artist, Abby Wren).

Cherry White grew up in a house filled with music, her mother a classically trained pianist who played for their church. “I remember thinking I wanted to play piano, just like my mom. So I think I was about five when my mom put me in piano lessons,” recalled White. “I hated piano lessons, but I loved music, I loved the piano. So I would teach myself how to play piano.”

White’s own eventual classical training, which she pursued at Berklee College of Music, comes through in her work, which is meticulously arranged with a sweeping, cinematic quality. Featured track “All You Want” explores the nuances of loneliness. “It’s about being lonely, even when you’re with someone,” said White. “That’s what I was feeling when I wrote that song…. I had the kisses, I had the hugs and the embraces, but I felt like they were lacking the affection that I was giving.” With this feeling in mind, White created a sparse composition, aiming for a sensation of floating anchorlessly.

Fans can catch Cherry White performing live on two upcoming occasions: Sept. 23 at the Painted Duck, and on Sept. 24 at Elliott Street Pub. A new instrumental album is in the works, tentatively titled “For the Fallen Blossoms,” which White expects to release this winter. More about Cherry White can be found at www.tiffanycherrywhite.com