'Speaking of Music': Indee Star

"Indiee Killed The Pop Star" is an Atlanta musician. (Courtesy of: Vegas Giovanni)

The Atlanta musical artist Indee Killed the Pop Star, or Indee Star for short, makes indie pop music that occasionally ventures into the fringes of dream pop, soul and jazz. Star plays guitar, piano and harp. The piano was her first instrument, which she began at age five, under the tutelage of an accomplished musical family of multiple adept pianists.

Majoring in classical voice in college, Star eventually broke away from conventional classical performances to pursue songwriting and pop expression. The featured track “Sweetest Soul” showcases Star’s classical discipline, as the song takes its time and draws the listener into a tender ballad, sung stirringly over soft strings, upright bass, and dreamy guitar.

“It’s about finding that pure, true love that comes once in a lifetime but realizing that you have no control and no power over it,” said Star. Also featured is “Skilky Nas Takyh (How Many of Us),” a song performed in Ukrainian that reflects on the story of a Ukrainian artist and refugee, Mary Druganova, with whom Star connected over Instagram.

The work is a collaboration between Star, who played the harp, Druganova, who provided vocals, piano and field recordings, and Dmytro Bulanov, another refugee artist who wrote the song’s lyrics. Star expects to release her first full-length album with her band this year, and an album Indee made in collaboration with her mother called “Moonlight” is available on all streaming platforms. Hear more at www.indeemusicofficial.com