'Speaking of Music': K Michelle DuBois

k michelle dubois
K Michelle Dubois mixes rock-and-roll with experimental pop. (Photo by Allyson Reeves Land)

K Michelle DuBois is an Atlanta musician creating rock and roll and alternative music with occasional forays in experimental pop. She’s a singer and an instrumentalist, with keyboards and guitar as her main instruments.

In this edition of “Speaking of Music,” we highlight K Michelle DuBois’ track “The Fever Returns,” a moody guitar-drenched ode released during the pandemic but written prior, when she happened to be sick with a fever and strep throat.

“The song now really means, whenever you get that fever, it’s a fever for living, a fever for exploring. You should take it, and you should leave the nest,” said DuBois.

Another song, “Becoming Real,” takes its inspiration from the artificial intelligence robots in the TV show “Westworld,” exploring the foggy boundary between simulacra and genuine consciousness. When she’s not making music or enjoying live concerts in East Atlanta, DuBois produces a podcast, “Zen Noodle Pie,” where she shares “candid conversations on comfort and more” with various guests.

Her newest album, “The Fever Returns,” can be streamed here