'Speaking of Music': Tony Hightower

Tony Hightower is an Atlanta jazz musician whose music is influenced by R&B, blues and funk.

His mother — the late, legendary jazz singer Theresa Hightower — greatly influenced his love of music.

“My career started when I was 14; I did my first gig playing drums. I was always around it [music]; it was something that I loved and something I wanted to do with my life,” he said.

Hightower’s new album, “Legacy,” was dedicated to and inspired by his mother, who passed away from colon cancer in 2018. One of the songs featured on the album is “All to the Good.” He said, “It’s a song absolutely dedicated to my mom. I wrote in the wake of her passing. It’s just my true feelings of sorrow, but the new outlook on life and hope.”

He continued, “My mom was just an incredible performer and singer. She was just a talent, and most of what I am, I owe to her. This body of work [Legacy] is not all about her, but it’s about keeping the legacy alive.”

Hightower enjoys going to various city venues but has enjoyed watching performances at Ten ATL to hear the jam sessions on Monday nights. He has a show on July 6 at St. James Live with Larry Wilson and Brenda Nicole Moorer.