'Speaking of Music': YANG

Yang is an Indian-American R&B artist in Atlanta. (Courtesy of YANG)

YANG is an R&B singer-songwriter living in Atlanta. Her music draws influence from her experience as an immigrant from India, and she attributes healing to the creation of music around traumatic chapters from her past.

Her featured track, “Everything Is Alright,” was created during the COVID lockdown. While it represented “an existential crisis for me as an artist,” Yang attests, it also served as a form of release from “fears and doubts that I had of myself and my relationship with music and love.”

Yang’s work carries the traces of classics from her upbringing, the hits of ‘70s and ‘80s soul and pop while venturing forward into modern digital production with lush vocal layering.

Another teaser from an as-yet-unreleased track, “Love Me,” spins a sensitive yarn from the perspective of an exasperated lover clinging to a toxic and codependent relationship.

More music from YANG can be found here, and she posts on Instagram as @yangsomeone