'Speaking of Art': Emily Llamazales

Atlant artist Emily Llamazales specializes in ceramic sculpture, photography and writing. (Meredith Farina)

Emily Llamazales is an artist in several mediums, specializing in ceramic sculpture, photography and writing.

Her ceramic work employs a distinctive technique of decorative surface suspension using transparent glazes in which she coats her sculptures. The glaze traps eye-catching textures and ornamentations and “evokes a transient movement just below the surface,” in her words. The sculptures’ formations bring to mind marine life, waves, wings and otherworldly flora and fauna.

In Llamazales’ photography, she explores holographic techniques using layers of transparent images. The recurring theme of illusory motion features in these holographic works, and the artist often positions them alongside her ceramics as part of a consistent visual language.

Llamazales draws inspiration from science fiction and philosophies of future worldbuilding, and her current projects are engaged with contemporary climate-based sci-fi narratives, referencing Swedish poet Aase Berg’s “Dark Matter.” Llamazales says, “Berg’s prose evokes a posthuman world of horrific strangeness and renewal.”

She adds, “A lot of my motivation comes from wanting to create something wholly strange and new, like a set piece for a science fiction film, and to have people glimpse into a portal of wonder.”

Llamazales’ work can be seen on her website, www.emilyllamazales.com, and selections from her ceramic work are currently on display at the Swan Coach House in Buckhead.