‘Speaking Of The Arts:’ Kyle ‘BlackCatTips’ Brooks

Kyle Brooks in his studio and property in Lithonia, Georgia.
Kyle Brooks in his studio and property in Lithonia, Georgia.
Credit Stephen Kennedy

Kyle “BlackCatTips” Brooks is a folk artist living in Arabia Mountain, Georgia. “I’m a painter man. I do the best I can, well, most of the time.” he says.

His media of choice are public surfaces, street poles, corners of buildings, and signs.

Over the last several years, his eye-catching and charming style has expanded into full-scale mural works, featured at Atlanta’s Art on the BeltLine and various street art festivals.

Brooks’ bold and colorful paintings are often inspired by his unique observations of the curiosities of nature, like “the way that limbs on a tree look compared to the inside of your lungs.”

He’s a descendant of a long line of Georgia residents and lives on a piece of land not far from where he grew up.

Brooks says his art is snugly tied to Georgia because “I eat the food, and I stand on the ground, and I drink the water, and I’m all a part of it.”

To find BlackCatTips’ art, Brooks winkingly recommends you go out looking for some street poles, or out-of-place signs or objects, like painted bear heads. If that fails, there’s always

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