'Speaking of the Arts': Mike Stasny

mike stasny
Mike Stasny is an Atlanta musician and artist who creates sculptures. (Davis Clifton-Strawn)

Mike Stasny is an Atlanta artist who creates unique sculptures from broken furniture or building materials. He comes from a long line of eccentric artists.

“I’m motivated and inspired by the same things I was at four, but now, at age 40, I’m able to do those boyish escapism things on a much larger scale,” said Stasny.

He has lived in Atlanta for the last 10 years and his creative community has been a big reason he has stayed in the city.

“My favorite place to see new art would be the studio spaces of artists I like. You get to see the work in its natural habitat before it reaches a museum or a cleaned-up gallery space,” said Stasny.

You can see his artwork at Underground Atlanta or on his Instagram.