'Speaking of the Arts': Riki Prosper

Atlanta artist Riki Prosper creates pop culture graphics and designs. (Courtesy of: Riki Prosper)

Atlanta native Riki Prosper creates pop culture concepts through graphic design. He has created fictional children’s books written by modern-day rappers, pinball machines based on famous hip-hop albums and skate decks based on various album artwork. His extensive artistic style of graphics makes the already known album covers or videogames come to life when he recreates them by inserting famous musicians.

Prosper attributes his passion for art to his parents, particularly his mom. He said, “I remember as a kid, my mom would photoshop my friend’s heads and mine onto characters like Batman and in the Ninja Turtles, and it just rocked my world.” That introduction to surrealism as a kid inspired the artwork he creates today.

Prosper sells his designs on clothing and accessories here. You can also follow him on Instagram to see his latest creations.