‘Speaking of the Arts’: Rocío Rodríguez

Rocío Rodríguez is an award-winning artist. She’s exhibit her works at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, as well as many other galleries.

Rocío Rodríguez

Rocío Rodríguez is a Cuban-born painter in Atlanta. She started over forty years ago, pursuing figurative painting and focusing on portraiture and landscapes, but her work evolved over time toward the abstract – “loose, gestural passages of paint, and fragments of images.” A recent departure yielded a series of works Rodríguez calls “skyscapes,” inspired by a visit to New Mexico.

Rodríguez finds inspiration through books, films, conversations, and travel, chasing her motivation in new experiences and continuous curiosity. Her current project is a series of miniature paintings – a new angle for her, having often used very large canvases for her past work.

She chooses Atlanta as her home because of its affordable living, vibrant art scene, and “small-town feel.” Rodríguez’s work is on display at the Sandler-Hudson Gallery, and in a present exhibition at the High Museum of Art called “Art Pioneers, Influencers and Rising Voices: Women in the Collection.”