In Speech Before Jewish Leaders, Biden Says Sanctions Will Devastate Iran’s Economy

Today in Atlanta Vice President Joe Biden reaffirmed the Obama administration’s commitment to Israel before a group of Jewish leaders.

Biden spoke to The Rabbinical Assembly, an international body of conservative rabbis, at its national convention at the Westin Hotel in Dunwoody.

About 500 attended the speech, most of which was focused on Iran.

Biden said recently-passed sanctions and an upcoming embargo will devastate Iran’s economy and force the country to back off its nuclear ambitions.

“By going the extra diplomatic mile, presenting Iran with a clear choice, we demonstrated to the region and world that Iran is the problem, not the United States. That’s why China, Russia, Europe, and the rest of the world have joined us in these sanctions.”

Biden said President Obama’s steadfast support for Israel was not a “matter of debate”.

Rabbi Daniel Pressman, who traveled from California to attend the conference, said the speech was effective.

“There’s a lot of chatter about whether this administration is really a staunch supporter compared to other administrations and I thought he addressed that in a very specific and substantive way. It was a good reminder of the importance of keeping the Iran issue in front of the American people.”

Biden’s visit comes shortly after the President and First Lady visited Fort Stewart near Savannah. Other top administration figures have also made recent stops in Georgia, including defense secretary Leon Panetta.

Obama campaign officials have said they think Georgia is in play for 2012 election.

In 2008, Republican nominee John McCain topped Obama, 52-47.