Spelman College Hosts Technology Festival for Minority Women

This weekend Spelman College is host to an event that will focus on technology and bringing more women of color to the industry.

It’s called Women Interactive and organizers are hoping it will encourage creative types and push novices to use the many facets of technology.

Where else but Spelman College, says Sabrina Harvey, to host a technology festival.

“We really wanted to focus on women and women of color in the tech space. We knew in order to bring these sorts of worlds together, that Spelman was the optimal place to do that.”

Harvey is one of the founders of Women Interactive.

She says three key areas of the festival are to interact, educate and inspire more women to venture into technology.

A heavy emphasis for this weekend will be content creation.

“We have an interactive atrium where you can play with some of the latest apps or just find out about other women of color who have created apps.  There are screening rooms where you can watch short-films, animation and web series that are created or produced by women of color.”

Over the last few years, Spelman has gained world-wide recognition within the technology realm.

The school’s robotic team also called the Spelbots has won international competitions in robotics.