Stacey Abrams’ new children's book illustrates the power of connection through reading

'Stacey's Remarkable Books' is the companion book to the #1 New York Times bestseller 'Stacey's Extraordinary Words,' from political leader Stacey Abrams and artist Kitt Thomas. (Courtesy of Kevin Lowery)

In her previous children’s book, Stacey Abrams conveyed the joy of words for a little girl who overcomes her shyness to compete in a Spelling Bee. That endearing character returns to share her joy of reading now in “Stacey’s Remarkable Books.” Stacey Abrams joined Lois via zoom to discuss the new book. 

‘Stacey’s Remarkable Books’ is based on a true story from Stacey Abrams’ childhood. In this story, the little girl Stacey befriends a new classmate, Julie, who has trouble reading in English. Stacey helps Julie, and fellow classmates, unlock the magical adventures of reading and learning about other cultures.

“It is to the benefit of not only our children but of our society to encourage diversity of language, ideas, engagement that children will naturally seek out if we allow them to,” says Abrams.

Stacey Abrams’ new children’s book, “Stacey’s Remarkable Books,” is out now. More information is available here.