State Makes Changes To Math, English Standards

Credit Martha Dalton / WABE
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The state board of education approved changes to the Common Core education standards Thursday. The standards only include math and English. But officials still aren’t sure about science and Social Studies standards.

Georgia isn’t teaching anything new; it’s just changing what’s taught when.

“We moved some of these standards that were involved in geometry, for example, in the geometry courses, back to an Algebra course content,” said Martha Reichrath, Georgia’s deputy superintendent of curriculum. “The standard itself, however, didn’t change.”

For now, that’s only the case for math and English. It’s not clear what will happen with other subjects.

“Georgia’s going to make sure that we’re going to control social studies and science; we’re not going to outsource those areas, so we’re very pleased with that,” said State School Superintendent Richard Woods.

Georgia planned to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards this year. Science teachers in several states, including Georgia, developed the content. When asked if the state will stick with that plan, Woods said it’s possible.

“That is definitely on the table,” he said. “We’re looking at some standards outside the Next Generation Science Standards. Again, I’m not saying science is not my field of background or expertise, but I think we can do a good job.”

Woods said Georgia might also consider adopting standards used by other states.