Step Inside The Illustrious Paintings Of Vincent Van Gogh At Atlanta’s New Exhibition

The new Van Gogh Immservie Experience exhibit has several interactive components.
The new Van Gogh Immservie Experience exhibit has several interactive components.
Credit Official Photo - Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Have you ever wanted to step inside Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting? Well, now you can. “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” exhibit is on view at Atlanta’s Pullman Yard. The 360-degree, digital art experience, allows visitors to take a journey into the universe of Vincent van Gogh. “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with Mario Iacampo, the producer and creative director for the exhibition about this mind-blowing experience.

The exhibition will be on view through the end of 2021.

Interview Highlights:

The idea behind the immersive experience:

“The idea is an evolution. My original idea was to create a digital immersive experience and then after that we said ‘What’s the best artist do that that with?’ And Van Gogh was number one,” Iacampo said. “It was no question that Van Gogh was going to be the one that we were going to do the story of his life, the colors, and all those things that made him an incredible number one.”

He continued, “For me, what impressed me even more was the fact that he created all of this in nine years. He only painted from the age of 28 to 37. So, it’s a very short career and that’s what impressed me the most.”

The variety of paintings on display:

“Vincent Van Gogh painted over his lifetime over 900 known paintings, and over 2,000 drawings or sketches,” he said. “In the show itself, we represent a little bit of over 400 of his paintings and of his works throughout the experience.”

How Pullman Yard adds to the experience: 

“The location for me is really part of the show. We looked a long time in Atlanta, probably 20 different locations and we always came back to Pullman. Even with its challenges, because it has been closed for over five decades. We thought, “Not only can we bring a beautiful show, but people can come over and rediscover Pullman Yards because everybody knows where Pullman Yards is, but not many Atlantans have really been here.”

Here’s a short video of Lois Reitzes’ experience at the exhibition:

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