Take an interactive tour of Atlanta's LGBTQ history

Atlanta's LGBTQ history has been made in various areas around Atlanta, including downtown, Little Five Points, Midtown and more. (Photos by/courtesy of [clockwise from bottom left] Evey Wilson/WABE, Georgia State University Library Archives, David Goldman/AP, Evey Wilson/WABE)

The history of Atlanta’s LGBTQ community can be hard to uncover, in large part due to the homophobia and transphobia of the time that caused people to keep a low profile for fear of losing their jobs, their families or their lives. That fear stubbornly persists to this day for far too many. 

But that didn’t stop LGBTQ people in Atlanta from finding any way and any place they could to go out, to dance, to march, to worship, to learn, and to find love — together. 

You’ll find just some of those people and places documented here in our interactive LGBTQ Atlanta History Tour. Explore sites around the city that have been pivotal to LGBTQ life and history —  from the gay and lesbian bars of yesteryear to the theater where a police raid sparked Atlanta’s modern LGBTQ rights movement.

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