Talent Agent Jason Lockhart relishes the boomming infrastructure of Atlanta's entertainment industry

Talent agent Jason Lockhart is head of film and television and president of Atlanta Models and Talent, also known as AMT. (Courtesy of C Morris)

Atlanta is known as the Hollywood of the South, and with our newest “Speaking of Y’allywood” series, we are honored to highlight some of the many local professionals that help keep our city’s film and TV industry thriving. Today we feature talent agent Jason Lockhart. Lockhart is head of film and television and president of Atlanta Models and Talent, also known as AMT.

A typical day for Lockhart starts at 7 am, immediately responding to calls, texts, or emails that came in the night before. “And then I am just selling actors all day long, pitching them, and securing and closing deals,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart got started in the entertainment industry as a child doing commercials, modeling and theater. “It’s really all I’ve ever known. I’ve done it for over 30 years now, and it is a beast, but I love the beast,” Lockhart declared.

Of the many joys of the job, working on “Stranger Things” has been a major highlight. “Been working on it since the 2nd season… I’m just so attached to some of the characters and have actors in almost every single episode, including my nephew, Gavin, who plays Cornelius, Suzie’s little brother with the long hair and the bow and arrow in season 4. Talk about a rewarding day when he booked that!” Lockhart exclaimed.

Hailing from the West Coast, Lockhart first came to Atlanta kicking and screaming, but after seeing the giant community of hard-working people in every facet of the entertainment industry, his resistance became excitement. After being here only five years, business is lucrative and thriving. “I cannot wait to see where we’re at in another five years. The infrastructure is thriving and booming in Atlanta, and it’s deservedly so.” 

More information about Lockhart’s talent agency work can be found here.