The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation working to expand its investment in Atlanta’s historic Westside

 The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation is building on its commitment to Atlanta’s Westside with a new strategy and grants.

Danny Shoy, the managing director for Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation’s Westside portfolio, says out of the 7,100 residents who live in the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods, approximately only 350 of them are homeowners.

“We are going to work to increase the economic mobility for our legacy residents in the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods in the Westside to ensure that they have viable choices and options to remain in their neighborhoods as the neighborhoods continue to change,” Shoy said on Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

During the conversation, Shoy further explained to program host Rose Scott how the foundation plans to use 2.4 million dollars in grant money to help create economic mobility pathways for Westside residents.