The Atlanta Opera brings classic horror story 'The Shining' to life at Alliance Theatre

Craig Irvin as Jack Torrance in The Atlanta Opera’s production of “The Shining.” (Raftermen/Courtesy of The Atlanta Opera)

First a novel by Stephen King, then a film by Stanley Kubrick, “The Shining” is one of the most haunting and enduring horror stories of all time. In 2016, acclaimed composer Paul Moravec was commissioned by the Minnesota Opera to adapt “The Shining” as an opera — perhaps one of the scariest ever sung.

Now, the Atlanta Opera brings “The Shining” to life at the Alliance Theatre, on stage Sept. 15 through Oct. 1. In this interview, composer Paul Moravec joins “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes, along with librettist Mark Campbell, to share how they retold the terrifying tale of the Overlook Hotel through music.

“The music in this opera has intensified what Stephen King intended. It has made it scarier; it has made it truer; it has made it sadder; it has made it more passionate,” Campbell said.

The Atlanta Opera’s new production of “The Shining” is on stage at the Alliance Theatre through Oct. 1, and more information is available here.