The Georgia Tech Library Presents A Bilingual Exploration of the Work Of Hin Bredendieck

Hin Bredendieck, 1928
Hin Bredendieck, 1928
Credit Freese Collection

The Georgia Tech Library showcases the life and work of Bauhaus-educated designer Hin Bredendieck in a new exhibition, “From Aurich to Atlanta.” Bredendieck was a founder of the department of industrial design at Georgia Tech. “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke to Kirk Henderson, the exhibitions program manager for the Georgia Tech Library, about the connection between Bredendieck and Georgia Tech.

“After World War II, the School of Architecture here at Georgia Tech was very much interested in starting an industrial design program. And Hin Bredendieck was known as an educator and a Bauhaus graduate, and in 1952, the then-director of the School of Architecture Harold Bush Brown brought Bredendieck here to the South.” He continued, “It was seen in the post-war period as like, the need for industrial design education was going to be a tremendous need in order to develop products and ideas for the market and for industry in the South.”

The exhibition is presented in both English and in German and is held in the Georgia Tech Library’s exhibit space. The events featuring Bredendieck’s former students, a conversation between curators of the event, and authors of the book on which the exhibit are based are virtual.

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