The One In Atlanta: Immersive ‘Friends’ Experience In Sandy Springs Closing Soon

The Friends Set

Summer Evans

“I’ll be there for you,” assure The Rembrandts in their lyrics to the absolute earworm of a theme song from the classic 90’s sitcom “Friends.” The prophecy has come true; “Friends” is literally here for you at a new immersive experience based on the show, located in Sandy Springs for the next two weeks. Fanatics can take their love of the series to a whole new level at “The Friends Experience,” as they explore recreated sets including the main characters’ apartments, Central Perk, and more.

Superfly X, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Group created the immersive experience. “It’s about creating a joyful moment, and so it just brings us so much pleasure seeing that,” said Superfly X founder and CEO Johnathan Mayers. He knew “The Friends Experience” would be a hit in Atlanta with its robust film industry because the exhibit feels just like walking onto a movie set. There’s a perfect replica of Chandler and Joey’s apartment, as well as Monica and Rachel’s apartment and the Central Perk coffeehouse, all Instagram-ready.

There’s also a video exhibit showing how costume designer Deborah McGuire crafted each character’s styles to reflect their unique attitudes. Visitors can even “try on” an outfit, posing with a Joey mannequin and recreating a scene where he puts on all of Chandler’s clothes. Every detail is meticulously thought out; even the chick and duck noises from Chandler and Joey’s foosball table are authentic. Expert-level visitors can compete in “Friends” trivia as they explore the exhibit.

What better time for a little nostalgic indulgence? “The Friends Experience: The One In Atlanta” closes Sept. 26 at Perimeter Pointe in Sandy Springs. More information and tickets are available at