The Red, White and Blue

Chief Charlie Reyes LittleEagle (left) talks with Chris Yarsawich about what it means to be a warrior. (StoryCorps Atlanta)

Native Americans have an enduring respect for their warriors, and Chief Charlie Reyes LittleEagle is no exception. He was taught the significance of the warrior path and how to achieve it when growing up on both the Carnegie and Cheyenne reservations. In this conversation, he talks with his friend, Chris Yarsawich, of Smyrna, Georgia, about values, tradition and service.

Today Chief LittleEagle has over 26 years of experience in Fire Service. One of his joys is helping to teach an emergency fire management program for high school students in his hometown.

This story was produced locally for WABE by Brenda Ford and recorded in partnership with the Atlanta History Center.  If you’ve got a friend with a great story to tell, click here to learn how you can record and preserve it.