WABE News Quiz, March 24, 2023


#1. Earlier this week, Leroy Chapman Jr. was named the first Black editor-in-chief to lead which newspaper publication in its 155-year history?

Its the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Chapman makes history with his newly appointed position at the veteran news publication; he has spent the past 12 years at the Journal-Constitution, serving as its managing editor since 2021.

#2. Governor Brian Kemp signed into law Thursday which Senate bill that will ban most gender-affirming surgeries and hormone replacement therapies for transgender people under 18?

It’s SB140.

The newly appointed law was given final approval by lawmakers on Tuesday, March 21st, despite impassioned pleas from Democrats and LGBTQ advocates against what has become the most fiercely contested bill of Georgia’s 2023 legislative session.

#3. Members of DeKalb County’s all-Democratic legislative delegation are seeking to remove _________ ‘s designation as a Confederate memorial.

It’s Stone Mountain.

“State Representatives Billy Mitchell (D-Stone Mountain), Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Decatur) and Omari Crawford (D-Decatur) have introduced House Bill 794, a bill which would remove the official designation of Stone Mountain Park in its entirety as a Confederate Memorial and removes the word ‘Memorial’ from the park’s official title,” a press release from the legislators said.

#4. Which animal is being sought to be placed on the endangered species list in Georgia, as well as three other southern states?

Its the Gopher tortoise.

The Center for Biological Diversity and Nokuse Education filed a notice of intent to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over its decision last year not to list the gopher tortoise as endangered or threatened in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and eastern Alabama.

#5. The Georgia Senate on Tuesday rolled out a budget that would slice $87 million from which Georgia-based government agency?

It’s the University System of Georgia.

The Georgia Senate on Tuesday rolled out a budget that would slice $87 million from Georgia’s public universities in a power struggle with the House over hospital funding and permitting.


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