WABE reporter discusses analysis for valid signers regarding Atlanta’s public safety training center referendum

Signs are posted for the "Stop Cop City" movement at one of their headquarters, Thursday, July 20, 2023, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

WABE, The Associated Press, Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution together reviewed 100,000-plus signatures collected by organizers regarding a referendum on the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

Journalists from each news outlet participated in the data analysis project to review signatures collected by “Stop Cop City” organizers.

After a thorough review, journalists contend that 108,500 people signed the petition. They cite that nearly half of a statistical sample of 1,000 entries couldn’t be matched to an eligible registered City of Atlanta voter, but it is still statistically possible organizers met their target of 58,231 signatures.

However, those signatures can still be legally disputed, shrinking the total number of signers.

WABE reporter Emily Wu Pearson, one of the journalists who participated in the data analysis, talked with show host Rose Scott about verifying signatures and what’s coming.