Waffle House workers rally outside of headquarters in Norcross for better pay, security

Signage is posted on the inside windown of a Waffle House restaurant, Wednesday, March 25, 2020. (Mike Stewart/AP Photo)

Dozens of Waffle House workers from Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina rallied at corporate offices in Norcross, Georgia, this week.

According to union officials, workers are asking the Georgia-based restaurant chain to prioritize improving their pay and overall security.

Gladys Wilson has worked at Waffle House for the last five years.

“Some of us make $2.19. Some make $2.69. You got people who have been there 20 years, and they only make three dollars an hour,” said Wilson.

Many social media users know Waffle House for the numerous videos of fights occurring during late night shifts.

Wilson says some nights, she works in fear of being attacked.

“Our safety comes first. You are trying to make a living. And you shouldn’t have to die trying to make a living,” she said.

Union officials released a petition demanding a $25 minimum wage, 24-hour security and an end to paycheck deductions at the end of September. 

The petition has already gained over 13,000 signatures from workers and community members, according to USSW officials.

According to their website, Waffle House has over 400 locations in Georgia and more than 1,900 restaurants nationwide.

Union officials say more workers are prepared to walk out if nothing changes.

“South Carolina and North Carolina workers have gone on strike, not Georgia yet,” said a USSW spokesperson.