Will Georgia Ever Legalize Gay Marriage?

  On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear cases from five states that were seeking to keep same-sex marriage bans in place. 

Although that wasn’t a definitive move, it was a back-handed victory for gay couples trying to get wed.  

So, could gay marriage be legal in Georgia one day?

“I would not be surprised if it would be in the next two or three years, but I certainly don’t think it will take more than five or ten years,” says Randy Kessler, an Atlanta-based family law attorney.

Kessler says the Georgia legislature isn’t likely to support same-sex couples getting hitched in the near future.  

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However, he says gay marriage will enter Georgia through the courts.

“There will be a ruling that grants a same-sex issue and it will be upheld by a federal court and maybe the Supreme Court.  And then it will become the law of the land, just like Roe V. Wade,” says Kessler.

Gay marriage is currently legal in 19 states and Washington D.C., but that number is expected to increase as a result of the Supreme Court’s move.

The Family Research Council, which supports the definition of marriage as between a man and woman, has issued a statement voicing its opposition to Monday’s action by the High Court.