Wonder Goblin Toys Makes Glow-In-The-Dark Monster Art You Can Play With

James Sizemore looks at the artfully crafted Hagopuss toys that he has created. He has developed a dedicated fan base.
Credit James Sizemore

James Sizemore has spent years making intricate monsters for the screen, but his next venture is on a much smaller scale.

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“The feeling you get when you see one of your monsters on screen is amazing, but the amount of hair loss during that time, it started to get to me,” he said in an interview with “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes.

Sizemore is now in the toy business.

The artfully crafted creations are inspired by tall tales like Big Foot, Japanese folklore and from Sizemore’s own imagination. One of his recent monsters is the multi-eyed and -tentacled Hagopuss, which was available in vibrant pinks, greens and purples, from Sizemore’s Wonder Goblin Toys.

Sizemore lives on his family’s property in Moreland, Georgia, where he grew up making monsters out of clay with the help of his parents. The countryside also provided plenty of inspiration for monsters.

“I lived out in the country, so we always had weird noises outside,” he said. “But I’ve also been fascinated with monsters. I’ve always drawn them and written stories about them. It’s important, if you are afraid of something, to embrace it.”

Each toy is handmade and painted with paints Sizemore makes himself. He has developed a dedicated fan base who snatch up the limited-run collectibles, but he posts new toys when they are available on Instagram.