A Mother Says She’s Seeking Answers After Her Son’s Death At A Georgia Prison

On “Closer Look with Rose Scott,” Jennifer Bradley shares the story of her son, Carrington Juwon Frye, pictured.


Jennifer Bradley says she is still seeking answers after the death of her son, Carrington Juwon Frye, at Macon State Prison.

Frye, who was arrested at the age of 17, died at 23 in March.

Bradley says Frye’s fellow prisoners were the first to notify her, using contraband cellphones. Prisoners claimed Frye was stabbed by his cellmate, and died as a result of these injuries.

Months later, the exact circumstances surrounding Frye’s death are still unknown.

“Closer Look” reached out to the Georgia Department of Corrections seeking comment but did not receive a response as of broadcast time.

On Monday’s edition of the program, Bradley told host Rose Scott that officials have not given her any other information about what happened to her son.

“They lied, gave me the runaround. No one has apologized for what happened,” she said. “Nobody has held any type of accountability but instead they pretty much ignored me.”

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