A new children's book on how to care for people with dementia

An illustration of a child helping her grandmother to tend her garden, as featured in Dr. Eilon Caspi's new book "What I've Learned About Grandma's Memory." (Courtesy of Dr. Elion Caspi)

Children can play an important role in caring for a relative with dementia, as shown in Dr. Eilon Caspi’s new book “What I’ve Learned About Grandma’s Memory.”

The author is a Gerontologist and dementia behavior specialist on the faculty of the University of Connecticut. “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with Dr. Caspi about his new children’s book.

“I wanted to combine the latest knowledge and research about caring for people with dementia with the creative minds of kids,” said Dr. Caspi.

“I wanted it to be from a perspective we don’t often hear from with an African American voice about their experience caring for a loved one.”

You can find more information about his latest children’s book here.