Alliance Theatre Redesign To Improve Acoustics, Accessibility

The Alliance Theatre redesign will improve circulation and acoustics.
The Alliance Theatre redesign will improve circulation and acoustics.

The Alliance Theatre is about to undergo a facelift, the first major redesign since it was built in 1968.

Max Leventhal is the previous general manager of the Alliance Theatre but recently became the project manager for the redesign, under the title owner’s representative to the Woodruff Arts Center for the multi-phased capital project.

He told Lois Reitzes in an interview that the redesign will tackle two problems: accessibility and acoustics.

He said, “The new design reclaims the space for the city of Atlanta in a design that is welcoming and a design that has vertical circulation throughout, one that is acoustically really warm and made for the human voice.”

He compared the redesign to an electric guitar. In the 1960s, the electric guitar was necessary for amplification, but now in 2015, there are methods to perfectly amplify an acoustic guitar.

Moreover, access to the Alliance Theatre’s balcony required audience members to exit the theater. With the redesign, guests will be able to access their seats through the theater’s entrance.

Mike Schleifer, the general manager of the Alliance Theatre, explained what the theater was going to do during the renovation.

“The way I think theaters usually do this when they are off campus for a season is that they identity and secure one location. Makes life very easy,” he said.

The Alliance Theatre isn’t going that traditional route, however.

Schleifer said, “We are looking for 12 different performance venues for our 12 different shows. We didn’t want to leave any potential partner out.”

Work on the theater will begin in 2017, and the theater will open in its renovated space in 2018.

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