Remaining APS Educators In Cheating Scandal Face Job Termination

It’s been over a year since Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard pledged to fully investigate those involved with the cheating scandal.

In December on 2010, Howard held press conference saying, “it is my intention to exhaust every available investigative tool necessary to reach the truth.”

But so far there have been no arrests or indictments.

In an email to WABE, a spokesperson with the DA’s office said the investigation is still ongoing and Howard would not be able to comment.
Meanwhile, APS spokesperson Keith Bromery says school officials are being allowed to review evidence from the DA’s office.

Bromery says that will help the district  in terms of, “being able to prepare case if that’s what they have to do, that is disciplinary cases against these employees.”

APS will present those findings to each educator in scheduled meetings.

Bromery wouldn’t specify who those officials are but did say it was not the


He went on to say Superintendent Erroll Davis is adamant those educators involved in the cheating should not remain with the district.

Bromery  says Davis, “ is not  going to automatically renew anybody who has been named in that case and is now on administrative leave that is automatically renew them for next year.”

He added the meetings are the best way to finalize the cases of those connected to the massive cheating yet still being paid by APS.

That’s cost the district more than half million dollars a month.