Artist behind OutKast iconic album covers shares perspective ahead of hip-hop's 50th anniversary

DL Warfield’s illustration of the OutKast album cover "ATLiens." (Courtesy of DL Warfield)

With this year marked as the official 50th anniversary of hip-hop, influential figures in the movement’s history are offering new perspectives on how and why hip-hop changed America and the world.

Today “City Lights” caught up with one such leader in the art form, DL Warfield, visual fine artist and the art director behind the iconic covers to the OutKast albums “Aquemini” and “ATLiens.”

In this interview, “City Lights” senior producer Kim Drobes speaks with the artist about his adventures in art and hip-hop.  

“It wasn’t what they did, artistically and creatively, for years on top of years, the hip-hop movement wouldn’t have been what it is in Atlanta,” Warfield said.

More information about Warfield’s artwork is available here.