'ATL Up and Away: Travel Tips with Rick Steves' shares itineraries and where to stay for dream trips in 2024

Travel Guide and popular PBS TV host, Rick Steves. (Courtesy of Rick Steves)

Atlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport, offering abundant domestic and international flights. Team “City Lights” is helping eager travelers prepare for their next adventure with our recurring series: “ATL Up and Away: Travel Tips with Rick Steves.” 

Rick Steves is a very popular public television and radio host, bestselling guidebook author, and activist who encourages people to broaden their perspectives through travel.

Each month, Rick joins “City Lights” as our travel contributor and shares his advice on making the most out of your time away from Atlanta.

In today’s interview, Rick Steves spoke with “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes about itineraries and where to stay for your dream travel destinations in 2024.

“Go where your travel dreams are taking you. If you have Irish heritage, go for that. If you’re a fan of World War 2 history, you can build an entire itinerary around that. If you are a fan of beaches and Spanish food, then I know where you should go,” Steves says.

“ATL Up and Away: Travel Tips with Rick Steves” recurs monthly, with stories, advice and pearls of wisdom gleaned from Rick Steves’ decades of adventures across the globe. More information about Travel guru Rick Steves is available here.