Atlanta-Based Author’s Latest Historical Fiction Novel To Be Adapted Into TV Film

Vanessa Riley, an Atlanta-based award-winning author, says the story of Dorothy Kirwan Thomas has to be told.

“This woman should have never been erased from history,” explained Riley on Monday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

The historical fiction writer told show host Rose Scott that Kirwan Thomas’ life story is the focus of her new novel, “Island Queen,” that’s slated to be adapted into a television film.

Riley says Kirwan Thomas was born into slavery in 1756, saved her money, purchased her and her family’s freedom and went on to become a powerful business owner and landowner in the West Indies.

Riley further explained that Kirwan Thomas was very famous during her lifetime and that she was intentionally erased from the history books.

“This was systematic,” said Riely “Her will was archived In the U.K., so at that moment in time, they knew she was important.”

To listen to the full conversation click the audio player above.

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