Atlanta Bishop Discusses Returning To Church For In-Person Worship, New Protocols

Bishop Robert Wright of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta says it’s been a difficult 14 months.

Navigating the pandemic, the diocese used faith and science to determine when to allow church members back for in-person services.

“Faith and science are siblings, Dr. (Martin Luther) King said,” said Wright, who has led the diocese since 2012. “So we wanted to stand at the intersection of faith and of science and make the best decisions that we could. It’s not just about worshipping; it’s also about how we take care of neighbors, how we take care of one another. I’m so glad that we are here now.”

Wright, a guest on Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” told show host Rose Scott, that the diocese has moved from mandating to advising and is encouraging congregations to wear masks and to launch campaigns to combat COVID-19.

The bishop also discussed new protocols for worship services and why he’s encouraging clergy to get vaccinated.

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